Monday, May 5, 2008

Only in Nebraska!!!

Only in Nebraska can we have a blizzard on Friday and by Sunday it is nice enough to go golfing! Sunday we helped work calves and then when we were done we decided that such a nice day shouldn't be wasted so we loaded up the clubs and headed off to the golf course! It was absolutely beautiful out and we had a great time. Ryan and Steven beat Joseph and me but it was still fun anyway! Don't worry - a rematch will definitely be taking place!
Broseph, Steve-O and Step
Hole number 1
Teeing off.
Steve-o's turn.

Broseph getting ready to tee off.

I must say that I am not the greatest golfer on the planet but I do enjoy playing - I don't get crazy and throw the club or cuss and swear at the ball - yet! I am pretty calm still but I am sure there will come the day (if I play enough) that I may become embarrassing and people will not want to golf with me. But then again I might stay the same cool, calm and collected golfer that I am now!

The cheaters.

Last hole for the day
This could be why we lost! Talking on the phone while playing golf - seriously!??!