Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monday, October 13th

I had an eye appointment Monday morning and since it was Columbus Day and Alex had the day off I decided to take the whole day off as well. After my appointment I called my mom to see how work was going and she told me that Sarah and Joe had had their little one the night before. Alex and I finished up some errands we had to run while in McCook and then went to the hospital to see the Vrbas family.

Dad, Mom and lil Sawyer Jane! She is just so adorable! I told them I was going to bring big sis, Peytie, a present too (a big bag of candy) but I didn't think the 'rents would appreciate that! Sarah and Sawyer
I absolutely love this picture!! I just think it's a great picture of Sawyer. She looks so much like Joe and she has the prettiest hair ever!!!
I was able to hold her as well! I was excited to hold her but I was so nervous I would drop her on the "hand off"!! I mean seriously, she wasn't even 24 hours old yet - that is the youngest I have ever held a baby - No lie! It was nerve racking - but she was so well behaved! For a little while then I had to hand her back because I think I was making her cry! Anyway - Congrats to the Vrbas fam!!!

When we were finished at the hospital it was time to get to work. We moved a bull and two heifers to the farm in Danbury. Did I mention it rained all weekend, too?

Here Bob is pulling us out because we were stuck!!!

A present from Bob while he was pulling us out!Bob sliding around on the road after he pulled us out.
Washing the Dodge. Needless to say, we didn't go and get the rest of the heifers because it just wouldn't have worked!