Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Christmas in February...

...and now it's May. I know! I have been a slacker and I really don't have any excuses! I am always telling myself that it is time to update the blog but I just never get around to doing it. Anyway.....
We were supposed to go to Norfolk for Christmas in December but the weather turned bad that weekend so we didn't go. I was talking with my Grandma and she said of all the years that we have planned Christmas this was the first year that we have had to change the date. Pretty impressive considering we have made that trip back to Norfolk from Palisade for 20 years and only this once we had to reschedule.
Alex is pretty stoked to meet the family and hang out at "Christmas". We went to my Grandma's for Christmas dinner; chili and oyster soup.
Loren playing swords with his windshield scraper.
Oh Evan! My grandma bought him new basketball pajamas for Christmas and he was super excited! He tore his clothes off and said "This is exactly what I wanted!" This is him putting on his pajamas. It was so funny - just stripped right down in front of everyone to put these on!
Cheesin' and letting Aunt Mindy take his picture in his brand new what-he-always-wanted pajamas!
Showing off his Thomas the Train stuff. He loves that stuff!
Wanting to play with it right away.
Mom with her sisters - Debbie and Nancy. We like soda I guess......This is the next day hanging out at my Grandpa Bob's. Evan is getting the best of Alex!
Looks like Alex got the best of Evan!!!
Evan stole Alex's hat and he is jammin' out for me! He is such a goof! Looks like he is playing air guitar!!
I think he's throwing up gang signs...
Not sure if it's okay or not to jump on the couch but he's so cute how can you tell him no. Even Loren and Alex think it is okay!
Giving the kid candy for breakfast. No. Not really. At least I don't think so anyway.
Alex and I ran into Norfolk from Battle Creek to pick up some stuff and told Evan that if he was good we would bring him back some balls so we could play in the house. Who knows if he was good or not, we still gave them to him! Here he is going to block Al's shot. Pretty sure he did!!! LOL
All tuckered out.
On our way back from Norfolk we decided that we would stop off and see Codina and Shane. Their twins had turned one at the beginning of February so we stopped to see them for the first time. This is little Parker.
And this is Grady.
This is their big brother Conner. I just can't believe how much he has grown. He turned 6 in December.
Here is Wally, Grady and Codina. I want to give a shout-out to Co who is expecting again and if I remember correctly, is due in November!!! YAY guys!!! Congrats! I hope you have a girl!! :)
I can't tell because the picture is blurry but I believe that is Grady on Alex's lap. He took right to Alex. Just wanted to sit on his lap the whole time. It was so cute! And there is big bro Conner in the background up to no good I am sure!!!
Conner and Parker just chillin'!