Monday, June 16, 2008

Pioneer Days 2008 -

June 13th - 15th was Palisade Pioneer Days. My grandpa came from Norfolk and on his way he picked up Evan in Kearney and brought him to town for the weekend. I have to apologize that there aren't many photos from the weekend, my camera has been acting up. Lately it is getting worse and when I go to take pictures I notice the batteries are dead - the camera seriously eats them! Anyway, here are a couple photos from this past weekend.
I bought Evan some water guns so he can take them to the pool or out to Grandma's house and have water fights. He decided that it was a lot more fun to squirt the water in a car with an open window while at the elevator. I am certain the driver's seat was soaked!After I was finished laughing about him spraying the water in the car I told him that it wasn't a good idea. He then decided that he would clean the windows that were up.
Then he decided I needed to be sprayed.
Here is Evan with his own little carpet picnic. I hooked him up with a soda and some popcorn with M&Ms and here he is getting started.
Ooops, spilled a little. No big deal, Aunt Mindy will clean that up.
Now getting completely comfortable on the floor and making even more of a mess. Now Evan will clean it up!

For Friday night my friend Heidi had a deck party. She has had the deck for a couple weeks at least, and Joe (her brother) and Rodney just finished the stairs for her deck party Friday afternoon. By the way - the whole thing looks awesome! Anyway - a lot of people came over for a BBQ and just to hang out on the deck. This picture is towards the end of the night. This is Evan with his new BFF Peyton. Peytie is Heidi's niece - Joe and Sarah's little princess! This picture is just so adorable!
This picture was taken Saturday after the parade and before we were getting ready to leave for the softball game. This is Heidi with her nephew Jack. Jack's parents are Dave and Amy. I am so glad that you guys were still able to make it to Pioneer Days - it was so much fun hanging out with you guys again!!!!
Here is Jack giving Heidi some love.
"Why does everyone always want to take my picture?" I think it is safe to say that poor little Jack did not appreciate all the picture taking that I was doing but with such a cute kid like this could you resist?
Chillin' with Dad.
Cuddlin' with Mom.
Now it's time to get dressed so we can go down to the park to watch Uncle Joe play softball. "Silly Dad, that's not where my pants go!"
"Geesh, good thing Mom's around or I would never be dressed properly!"
Getting the hair did.
A little goofing off was in order at this point.
The Palisade Volunteer Fire Crew Team Photo
The Hayes Center Volunteer Fire Crew Team PhotoNow a couple of individual shots. This is Unger.
Rodney in his "mermaid" dress.
Jake - and no I am not sure what he is doing in this photo!
Jake and Andrew.
Joe in his pretty sequin, sparkly prettiness!
One proud daughter!!!

Better Late Than Never...

This batch of photos were taken the first weekend of June but I am just now posting them. There are a lot of good photos and I figured it was better late than never. Nick and Lindsey drove into town Friday night and Andy, Libby and the kids arrived Saturday. We all sat outside the house Saturday and enjoyed time with the family. The weather cooperated and made for a very enjoyable day.
Lindsey was not in the mood to have her picture taken but Nick sure is happy to have his taken!! This picture makes me laugh - I love it!
Here is Dylan riding his bike.

This is Uncle Alex racing Dylan in the street - pretty sure Dylan smoked him!
Alex decides he is going to ride the bike.

Alex wiping out on the bike. Note he didn't make it very far from where he was in the first picture!

Looking at Dylan with his hand on his head makes me laugh. He stole his bike back from Alex because he just can't believe Uncle Alex can't ride a bike!

Lindsey doing a much better job on the bike than Alex!

Here Dylan is on his "trick" bike. He told me that this what he rides when he does his tricks!! LOL

Making a big circle so he can pick up some speed....

...and then ramping the curb. (I was a little slow on getting the picture taken but you get the main idea of what the trick bike is used for!)Bob & Kathy
Grandpa, Ally, Dylan and Grandma
And another
Grandpa and Ally
Grandpa helping Ally open her birthday present from Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Nick.
Dylan checking out his birthday gift.
Showing us how it works.
Ready to play with his new birthday gift.

The following pictures are of Aunt Lindsey playing with Dylan's birthday gift and squirting him. I love how he tries to defend himself from the water!!

Grandpa and Ally playing with Dylan and Lindsey. Awe Lindsey, that's such a cheap shot!
"Fun in the Sun"
Lindsey still hasn't given up getting her nephew and niece soaked!
Ally on her bike.

And again

Later that evening we all went to the Rocket for some Rocket Pizza. Here is little Miss Ally looking all cute!
Playing with Uncle Alex.
Dylan and Ally both wanting to play with Uncle Alex.
Me, Lindsey and Libby
Libby and Andy
Lindsey and Nick
Alex would not cooperate for a nice picture of him and me so Nick was more than willing to volunteer to take a picture with me! YAY NICK!