Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Little Random

I have to apologize that I have not posted lately. My camera is going to have to be sent back and hopefully replaced with another one that will last longer than six months. These are a couple random pictures that I had on my camera that I noticed I had not posted so I am making one post with the randomness. Hope everyone has a wonderful (and safe) 4th of July and enjoy the pictures!
Oh little Miss Peyton had a lot of attitude towards me this day! I stopped over to see Heidi (because I bought a new bike - it's in the background!) and Sarah and Peytie were there. Here she is picking her nose with a toy gun I think. I can't remember what the toy was to be honest but of course I had to take picures of someone else picking their nose. Sorry, Sarah but these pictures crack me up!!!
Still getting after it.
Checking it out!!! LOL
That's what I thought, the toy just wasn't cutting it!
"Ha Ha Ha! Mom, I got it!!" So proud of herself. Seriously, I think this is the only time she smiled. Right after she made a smile I commented on it and then I got the death glare - no joke! She smiled for everyone else but she definitely was not liking me this day!!
Oh yes, Peytie is now the new spokeswoman for Minute Maid Apple Juice!
This was later that evening. I rode my bike down to the Legion and here are a couple "action" shots of people on the bike. It was a hit I tell you!! Here is Rodney.
This so much isn't an "action" shot but it was taken before the action. When we went to Heidi's we were riding the bike off her deck and down the stairs (you know like we used to do when we were kids) except we aren't kids anymore and it was a little scary! Anyway, this is B-Mo walking the bike up the deck to ride down the stairs.
And of course Broseph was a big fan as well!

Okay, like I said, I will try to post more as soon as possible but may be difficult until I get my camera back. I may have to steal some pictures from some other bloggers - heads up in advance!