Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feed Rack

I am sure many of you were starting to worry that Alex and I haven't been spending time at the farm - but no worries - we have been! I looked through all the pictures that I have taken this past year and I could not find a before picture! I know that I have one but I obviously didn't save it to the computer. Alex wanted to build a feed rack on the west-ish (yes, that is a direction!) side of the pens at the farm. If I could have found a picture from before that would have been nice but here are some pictures as we (he) was working on it and then when the feed rack is almost complete.

Here is the work site.Alex cleaning out the holes.
Some more cleaning out. I actually did help this day. I believe I cleaned out one hole, possibly two, and then I was either bored or tired. Can't remember which - I just know I wasn't really of much help!

Here Alex is again working. I believe this day we came back and had to re-clean out the holes because it rained and had filled them in again. Yeah, I definitely did not help this day. I had already cleaned out one from the time before so I passed on helping this day!!
I did actually help him load up the railroad ties to be moved over to where the feed rack would be built. I guess I did help a little more than I thought! This is a picture after all the dirt work had been completed.
This is the feed rack. I only took a picture of the part that is actually complete. If it wouldn't have rained I am sure it would have been complete this past weekend - oh well I guess there's always next weekend! Farmer Al

Then we went to the Rocket after we left the farm and this Alex with Dan Haag. I think this is their way of hugging....