Friday, January 23, 2009

Alexander Haag

My plan of scanning some old photos and posting them on my blog really didn't work out like I had planned. I am still going to try to get some photos from the past posted on here but it just won't be this week. I wanted to make sure I got a post by Friday so maybe I will make an extra post of "Alex" pictures once I get this whole scanning thing figured out.

Okay - so person number one that I would like you to meet is Alex Haag. Alex graduated from Republican Valley High School in 1999. I met Alex while attending Mid-Plains Community College in North Platte. After he graduated from MPCC he went on to UNK and graduated with his degree in Ag. Business. He lives in Indianola now and that is where I spend most of my weekends also! Since I wasn't able to use any pictures (yet) from our Mid-Plains days I just chose a couple pictures from the past year.

New Year's Eve 2007. He's real big on PDA!

Alex is a good cook when he gets in the "mood" to cook. Here he is doing what I like to call the "cooking dance" and the food he made up that night was very good!

Whenever Alex isn't at work he likes to go out to their family farm. He seems to be busy all the time if it's not at their farm then he is helping someone else on a different farm. This particular day we were helping a friend move cattle and Alex is on his horse Thunder.

Alex does not hunt. We were just out at the farm one day shooting some old guns.

This is a photo of us one night at Night Tracks in Indianola one weekend when his family was all in town.
Alex does not ride bucking broncs or bulls (or Dusty) but he does do some team roping. Obviously in this picture he is not roping but joking around on Dusty. Whenever they have roping practice at the arena in McCook Alex tries to make those. Last year he never competed in any competitions but the year before I went along with him and his partner to Broken Bow; it was a good time! Consider yourselves introduced to my pal Al! Next week we will be meeting his sister, Lindsey, one of my best friends!