Thursday, April 23, 2009

MPCC 4 Life

I know I have been slacking on the posting and I really don't have an excuse other than I just haven't been posting. That's all. Anyway, here are some more pictures from my Mid-Plains days and there are a couple extra pictures just of my Mid-Plains friends that were taken after we graduated from MPCC. These pictures are really in no certain order at all either. I know that a lot of people have already seen these from my facebook page but these are for those of you (Nick, Lindsey, Dusti, Shawna, etc.) that don't have that and still want to enjoy the past memories! Some of the pictures have funky borders because I took them out of my scrapbook and scanned them, so that's the explanation for that.
Back - Sarah Roy, Lorie Morris. Front - Codina Oaklund, Lindsey Haag and me. This is on the "Knight Rider" before we took off to a volleyball match. Our second year I believe.
Sarah, Kelly, Lindsey, Kristen, Codina, Me, Amber and Brandi. "Chillin" outside at "the projects". My first year
Alex & Mandy at the end of the year. This was their second year and my first year.
Nick, Sarah & Nick in our dorm room towards the end of the year. Girls' first year and boys' second year.
Alex, me and Nick hanging out...
Nick, Alex and Torey - their second year - at the end of the year.
Me, Alex and Nick probably watching some "Jen-Jen" flick!
Pack & Sarah our first year
Cousins Sarah and Mandy
Our first year Lindsey & Roy
Not sure if this is our first or second year - but Lindsey & Codina
After we graduated - Roy, Lindsey, Coach OC and me.

Roy & Lindsey our second year.
Kimbrie, Megan and Lindsey. Their first year, our second year.
Dusti and Pack - her first year, his second.
Kelly and Codina at the end of the year. Kelly's first and Codina's second.
Megan, me and Kimbrie. Their second year, my third. Yes, you read that right. I graduated but I had another year of eligibility so I stayed to play.
Roy, Me, Lorie and Rachel. Roommates our first year!!!!
Me, Lindsey and Megan. Our second year, Meg's first.

Shawna and Dusti - their second year my third.
Heather, Jen, Shawna and me after a basketball game. Their second year my third.
One weekend after school got started we went to Kearney to see our friends that graduated from MPCC the year before. Me and Codina visiting Kristen (and others, they just weren't in the picture).
Jen & Kari over visiting us (Codina, Roy, Lindsey and me) one day after volleyball. Those three were my roommates the second year. 80A!!
Me, Shawna & Codina
This was after we had all graduated and back for Dusti's 21st birthday. Lindsey, Rachel, Me and Shawna. Celebrating in North Platte.
This was in Kearney after Shawna graduated from college. Roy, me & Codina
Kimbrie, Me, Jen & Megan on our way to the KState/Nebraska game. Their second year and my third.
In Kearney celebrating Shawna's 21st. Codina, Shawna, Nicole, Dusti and Me.
Still Shawna's 21st - Codina, Lindsey & Dusti.
Before we went out for Shawna's 21st (the pictures were posted backwards but what can you do?) Lindsey, Amanda and Dusti
ANOTHER "before we went out" pic - Lindsey, me and Dusti.
My third year (their second) volleyball photo at the end of the year. Front - Monica Brown, Megan Lashley, Jen Tines, Kari Brooks. Back - Amanda Kinney, me, Kimbrie Vlach and Sarah Holcomb. (All maiden names)
Me & Holcomb at her wedding...
Megan and Jesse (her husband)
Me, Kari and her husband Jerome.
Kimbrie & her husband Steve