Monday, April 7, 2008

And then there were 12...

In no particular order
1) May
2) Babe
3) Rose
4) Ruby
5) Buck
6) Thunder
7) Katie
8) Captain
9) Colonel
10) Buffy
11) Dusty
and now #12 who doesn't have a name quite yet.
We were out to the farm Friday night trying to decide when Buffy was going to have her baby. Bob said that in May she was probably going to have the baby and Alex said no way it would be before then. The next day Bob told us that Buffy gave birth around noon on Saturday! I am so excited that the whole family will be back in town in a couple weeks and they can see the new addition!!
"Taking a break"
Getting a good look at her.
Baby and Mama Buffy

Look at those long legs!

Stretched out
In this picture Bob is bringing her over to the fence so that we can pet her.

After all the excitement with the birth of a new horse I was exhausted and asked Alex to take me home. Alex and Bob were going to go over to the farm in Danbury to look at a well and I knew I didn't really need to go so I didn't. Alex got back to the house and asked me if I retreived my messages from my phone and I told him that I turn my phone off when I am at his place. Anyway, turns out they were trying to call me because the pickup died and they needed me to come and get them. Kathy finally got the message and went and picked them up. This is a picture that Alex took of some nice guy pulling them into town. Couldn't resist and had to put up the picture!