Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fence Fixing Farm Fun

Of course I am going to post more pictures of the farm. I probably should have named this blog something other than Scrapbook of Memories - maybe something to do with the farm since there are a lot of pictures on here from there. Then I started to think that I just have a lot of farm memories right now and who knows, later it might be something else. I don't know, I am crazy like that - switching things up on you without the slightest hint. Be careful! Yeah. Okay. Whatever. Right?
So the Farm Fun begins with a little fence fixing. This time I decided to do a little "before and after" camera action. We are standing in the horse pen and this is the fence before...
...and this is the fence after. We removed the square fence stuff that was behind the poles and removed some smaller poles and put up some of that "sucker rod."
Here is to the left of the fence we just fixed. (Maybe "changed" is the correct word I want to use instead of fixed? Oh well you know what I am talking about.) Anyway, if you look to the right you can see the fence we just put up. This is the before picture...
...and this is the after picture. We removed the board that was on the top and some barbwire that was also attached. Alex had built a "sucker rod" thing that went into some pipe. The new "fence part" is small and sort of hard to see but it's the pole that is above the larger pipe.
Now we moved on to our third and final project for the day. Give us a break - we worked hard and accomplished three "fence fixings" or "changes" however you want to look at it - we did it! This is the before picture.
This one was a little tougher than the other two so we needed to bring out the big guns. We needed to bring in a railroad tie to be one side of the fence and those are pretty heavy. For those of you that know us you know that Alex and I are both extremely stong human beings but seeing how we had worked so hard on the projects before we were just starting to loose a little of our "umph" so we needed some reinforcement. This is when we decided we wouldn't try to be "hard"any longer and we went to the good 'ole tractor. Here is Alex getting ready to pick up the railroad tie...
This is realizing the tractor really didn't want to play. I probably don't have to point out that the tire is flat. We somehow mustered up enough gumption and threw that railroad tire in the back of the pickup. Actually, I probably didn't muster up anything I think I just watched Alex do it!! Not surprising I know!
While we were fixing this fence we had to put Colonel (left) and Captain (right) in the barn. I caught both of them looking out the window wondering when they could come back out to play. It made me laugh!
Tada! This is the after picture. We cleaned up the broken fence, got rid of the panel, put up some pipe, and cleaned up some poo. Here they are coming out of the barn to inspect what's new.
Colonel checking it out.
After all our hard work.
Feeding the bucket calf.
Making sure every last drop is out.
The bucket calf. This picture isn't very clear because Captain and Colonel kept coming into the barn and stirring up dust but I think you can grasp what he looks like.