Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Eggs & Tie-dye

Saturday before Easter we dyed Easter eggs. Below are the pictures I took while we dyed eggs.
Here is Aunt Lindsey helping Dylan with his first egg. He picked green first because that is his favorite color.

Taking a peak to see if its green enough!
Uncle Alex helping Ally with her first egg.
Dylan showing his pretty green egg.
Ally and the Easter bunny ears.
Dylan is making a marbled egg. You had to put on a glove and then put the color out of a packet on the egg and you just rolled the egg around in your hand to make the egg look marbled. The egg was too big for Dylan's hand and it made it hard for him to not want to touch it with his other hand. We had to give him another glove for the other hand which made it much easier!

Ally getting to play with the dye all by herself.

Uncle Alex encouraging Ally to play in the dye
Messy hand!

Realizing that her hand is discolored!
Oops, Unlce Alex let her get dye on her pants! Good thing Grandma was there and was able to get the stain out!
Dylan showing off his pretty egg that he wrote his name on.
Showing off the egg I made.
All of the eggs that were dyed.

After we dyed eggs Alex didn't think we should let the dye go to waste so he wanted to tie-dye an old under shirt. It first started out going to be just a quick little project but Lindsey and I turned it into a bigger production than I think Alex wanted. Here is a picture of the whole white shirt dyed yellow to start with.
After it was all dyed yellow we stuck the ends in the other colors.
We wanted Alex to try the shirt on for us but this was as close as we could get.
The front
The back