Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Grandpa Bob in Ptown

A couple weeks ago my Grandpa Bob, my mom's dad, came from Norfolk to visit us. We all went to the fish fry on Friday night and then my mom cooked us a great meal Saturday night. Emily also surprised us and came home from a little town outside of Omaha. No one would know the name if I mentioned it so we will just say Omaha.
Emily (Emilia), Joseph (Broseph), Grandpa, Me (in farm clothes and I must say they are NOT flattering) and Steven (Steve-O). The names in the parentheses are the names I call them they are not their real names!! Glad that's cleared up!
Mom and Grandpa
This picture is for Emilia. For as long as I have known Alex, Emilia swears she has only met him once - if that. She thought I was crazy (crazier than I already am) and thought I made him up. Now she has met him and I think she feels a lot better knowing that I don't have an "imaginary friend" that I "go to the farm with."