Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Before we went to Ptown

On Saturday March, 8th I went to Alex's. We first went to Holbrook for a sale and then when we were getting ready to leave we decided that we should hang some "sucker rod" at the farm since it was such a nice day. Seriously - don't know if it's hang or put up - both words sort-of have the same meaning to me. "Sucker rod" not sure if that's the technical word or that's what people call it because it's so heavy. You know like what you would say to a preson that just got fooled - Awww Sucker! Anyway, the stuff is heavy!! I believe Alex said it's what they use in the oil fields and it is solid iron/steel/metal (whatever). I think all of you are starting to understand how well I listen!
Actually we got started fixing some panels but the drill needed to be charged so we moved on to the "sucker rods".
Of course we had to get some pictures of the horses. This is Alex with his pair of draft horses and the one on the left is Rose and then one on the right is Ruby. We were "hanging/putting up" the "sucker rod" in the "area" where the "horses" stay. (Enough quotes yet?!)
This is Buffy and she definitely is prego now!!!
Just a shot of of the horses watching Alex. Finally, after Alex and I were done messing with the horses we decided that we better get busy. We had to put the top two "rows" (?) up. Alex and I started this project I believe last summer and we chose the hottest day in history to do it - it was seriously like 110 degrees outside! I honestly don't even think we spent an hour outside then, but this time the weather was so nice we really got a lot accomplished. My job was to hold the heavy... stuff - for lack of a better word - and he would then hammer in the nails on the C-thingies that held up the rod.
Here is one corner finished
If you look to the left of this picture on the bottom "rows" you will see two silver shiny parts that are larger than the rest of the rod. That is where you have to screw each piece together. Each rod is about 30 - 35 feet long so Alex had to screw them together before we hung it - which made it really heavy. This is another view of the "fence" that we completed. Hope you all enjoyed your education about "sucker rod"!

Time to do chores - loading a hay bale on the "hay bale mover" (?)!!
Securing it down!
One of the cows got a little excited while we were feeding them and ran into the pickup and cracked the taillight - of course I had to take a picture of it! Why wouldn't I - I take random picures all the time!!!