Monday, March 10, 2008

A Day With Guns

So yes, the title does sound a little dangerous considering Alex and I were the ones with the guns - but rest assured, we were safe! Bob had two old guns (okay, old I don't know how old they really were) and Alex and I took them to the farm to see if they worked. I wish I could tell you what type of guns they were but I am not even going to pretend like I know. Okay, maybe they were 22's? Does that clear it up for everyone? Thought so! Everyone knows exactly what I am talking about now don't they!

The first picture is what the weather was like on our "Playing-with-Guns-Day'oFun". Not sure why I chose to put up a picture of the snow but I did. Probably because these past days have been so nice I just wanted to remind everyone of the crazy Nebraska weather that we had the weekend before - snow one day - 78 degrees the next! So predicatable!

Here is Alex with the first gun we shot. Actually, I don't think I shot this gun, just he did. Also, for all of you overly observant people, you may have noticed the background and there isn't any snow on the ground. I am pretty sure that by the time we were ready to shoot the guns it had all melted. I am 99% sure.
Another action shot!

If I remember correctly this gun misfired a little more than people would be comfortable with but of course we kept shooting it - I mean Alex kept shooting it! I told you we were safe!
This is a picture of the second gun, Alex checking it out.
Loading the bullets. Actually, ammunition is probably the correct word but tomatoe tomato right?
"Sighting it in" - LOL
Oh yes my friends, I did decide to get in on the action with the last gun. I have an extremely amazing, right on target kind of shot! Consider yourselves warned!
Then my arms got tired and I had to rest on the pickup!!!