Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Alex's New Recipe

When Alex and I returned home on Sunday we weren't really too motivated to do anything. We lounged around and watched tv and then he started on some of his laundry, I just watched! We started to get a little hungry but weren't too sure what we were going to have but we knew the choices were pizza or eggs. For those of you that know Alex, I am pretty sure you guessed correctly - we had eggs!!! This wasn't just the regular raw-eggs-that-you-drink-out-of-a-blender egg meal - Alex made up his own recipe. I can't give you the ingredients of the recipe because it hasn't been perfected to Alex's standards yet but you may be able to pick out some of the ingredients from the pictures.

In my mind right now I am thinking - Man, Alex is so not going to like the idea that I put these pictures up! Acutally, I can honestly hear him saying , "Mindy, you are a jerk" but I can't help it! There are other photos that I have refrained from posting (for example the six days he went without shaving and him doing laundry) but I just had to post these pictures! Some of these make me laugh and some are just pictures of the masterpiece so I wanted to share them with everyone! By the way - the meal was very good!
This picture is of Alex dancing - yes he is doing the "cooking" dance!

A little more of the dancing. Apparently the more you dance, the better the meal. Try it some time!!

This picture cracks me up and I just can't even explain it. It's like he just opened this package of - I can't remember what it was - and is like 'Oh yay!' All surprised and everything! Priceless!

Checking out the cupboards for what will be the next ingredient.

Alex browning the meat. The final product ended up being a breakfast like casserole but the plan changed a couple times during production.

Before the dish goes into the oven to bake - that is italian cheese, cheddar cheese and salsa. Very pretty!!!

Into the oven it goes.

The results! Just so everyone knows, I made Alex hold this like he was in a 4-H cooking contest or something. He said he didn't want to but secretly I think he did because he was proud of his invention! Anyway, the meal was good and I was thankful that he cooked for me!