Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This post is for Nick and Lindsey. Of course, the one time that I remember I have my camera when we are visiting with people is when we are talking about the cat, Sidney. I can't even remember how long Nick and Lindsey have had this cat but if I remember correctly I think it was one of the tamest ones that Alex had picked out for them out at the farm. Anyway, Sid is their little baby so I had to take some pictures of her while we were all hanging out.

Here she is basking in the sun - she's taking a time out from Alex.

What is that she has tied around her neck, you ask? It's a string that has two balls on it and Alex thought it would be fun for her if he tied it around her neck.

Here Alex is playing with the string and balls with Sid.

Nick and Lindsey - I hope you enjoy these actions shots of your little girl!!!! Next time we will make sure to get pictures of you guys, too!