Tuesday, February 26, 2008

February 21st - 24th

Alex and I took a little time off from work last week and got out of town. We left Thursday morning and headed to Norfolk where my grandparents live. We stopped on our way in Kearney at the Cattlemen's Classic and walked around. This was the first time that I have ever been there. Alex, while he was going to school at UNK, used to help out there every year. While we were there he ran into his old boss, another guy that he used to work the Classic with and a couple guys from Indianola. It was nice to break up our drive with that stop.

We arrived to Norfolk probably around 4ish. I showed Alex where I used to live, the church my family still attends and the last school that I attended and then we went and checked into our hotel. We stayed at one of the newer hotels in Norfolk and it was really nice! When you walked in it had a sort of cabin feel to it so that was neat. Our room was HUGE!

On Friday we went to my Grandma Marge's (my mom's mom) and she made us dinner. We ate and then I chatted with her while Alex took a nap. After he woke up we went to my grandpa's (my mom's dad) and we went out to eat at a steakhouse there in Battle Creek. I said I was going to rave for awhile about the Prime Rib so I might as well do it again - it was probably some of the best stuff I have had in awhile!!

Saturday morning we woke up and headed for Lincoln to go see Nick and Lindsey (Alex's sister and brother-in-law). We arrived there close to 2 I think. We sat there and visited with Lindsey until Nick got off work and then we went to eat at Grisantis. After our meal we went to Alex's favorite store The Fort but it was closed already. Apparently they weren't aware that cowboying is an all day job!! HA Ha Ha!!! After that little "let-down" we went to a little town west of Lincoln called Denton to visit Brent, a friend of Nick's (and I suppose Lindsey's too!).

Sunday we left and headed back here to Western Nebraska. The weekend was pretty fun although it deed seem like it was just a lot of driving but it was good all in all. Of course I didn't take any pictures while we were in Norfolk so that's why you just had to read a novel! I hope to take pictures next time I go back!