Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Christmas in February...

...and now it's May. I know! I have been a slacker and I really don't have any excuses! I am always telling myself that it is time to update the blog but I just never get around to doing it. Anyway.....
We were supposed to go to Norfolk for Christmas in December but the weather turned bad that weekend so we didn't go. I was talking with my Grandma and she said of all the years that we have planned Christmas this was the first year that we have had to change the date. Pretty impressive considering we have made that trip back to Norfolk from Palisade for 20 years and only this once we had to reschedule.
Alex is pretty stoked to meet the family and hang out at "Christmas". We went to my Grandma's for Christmas dinner; chili and oyster soup.
Loren playing swords with his windshield scraper.
Oh Evan! My grandma bought him new basketball pajamas for Christmas and he was super excited! He tore his clothes off and said "This is exactly what I wanted!" This is him putting on his pajamas. It was so funny - just stripped right down in front of everyone to put these on!
Cheesin' and letting Aunt Mindy take his picture in his brand new what-he-always-wanted pajamas!
Showing off his Thomas the Train stuff. He loves that stuff!
Wanting to play with it right away.
Mom with her sisters - Debbie and Nancy. We like soda I guess......This is the next day hanging out at my Grandpa Bob's. Evan is getting the best of Alex!
Looks like Alex got the best of Evan!!!
Evan stole Alex's hat and he is jammin' out for me! He is such a goof! Looks like he is playing air guitar!!
I think he's throwing up gang signs...
Not sure if it's okay or not to jump on the couch but he's so cute how can you tell him no. Even Loren and Alex think it is okay!
Giving the kid candy for breakfast. No. Not really. At least I don't think so anyway.
Alex and I ran into Norfolk from Battle Creek to pick up some stuff and told Evan that if he was good we would bring him back some balls so we could play in the house. Who knows if he was good or not, we still gave them to him! Here he is going to block Al's shot. Pretty sure he did!!! LOL
All tuckered out.
On our way back from Norfolk we decided that we would stop off and see Codina and Shane. Their twins had turned one at the beginning of February so we stopped to see them for the first time. This is little Parker.
And this is Grady.
This is their big brother Conner. I just can't believe how much he has grown. He turned 6 in December.
Here is Wally, Grady and Codina. I want to give a shout-out to Co who is expecting again and if I remember correctly, is due in November!!! YAY guys!!! Congrats! I hope you have a girl!! :)
I can't tell because the picture is blurry but I believe that is Grady on Alex's lap. He took right to Alex. Just wanted to sit on his lap the whole time. It was so cute! And there is big bro Conner in the background up to no good I am sure!!!
Conner and Parker just chillin'!

Friday, April 24, 2009

BU Girls

After Mid-Plains I went on to Bellevue University to play volleyball. I honestly didn't know a single person that was going to be there but when I got on campus I met a lot of people who knew a lot of people that I knew. I also ran into a couple people that were JuCo transfers and I remembered playing against them. I had a great time living in Omaha and meeting some more amazing people. It's too bad I don't get back that way very often because I miss a lot of these girls! Here are some photos, in no particular order, so you can "meet" them too!

Kim and Nicole. I played volleyball with both these girls. Actually, I only posted pictures of the girls I played volleyball with! Maybe (maybe being key) I might try to post pictures of other people later - not just volleyball girls!! Skim-Bo and I were roommates after our first volleyball season. Nico and I were "sisters" while I attended BU. She was the only one of my vb friends to come back to Harvest Festival with me one year. She had a blast! She had never really been to a small town so it was a lot of fun!!

Nico, Tamara and me at the baseball house. Tamara played for Northeast Community College in Norfolk and was in her final year at BU when I arrived. I remember seeing her walk into the gym and I wasn't sure if I was going to want to play at BU because I really didn't think I liked her all that much. I ended up being in her wedding a couple years later so I think it's safe to say I ended up liking her! We are still close friends today!!

Nicole and Staci. OH MY! That's all I can say. Staci is freaking crazy but I love her to death! She played volleyball at Central Community College (Platte, when we first started college). She transferred in the same year I did. I usually spent a lot of my nights going out with these two and it was always an adventure. There are some pretty good stories between the three of us my first year at Bellevue. Krystal "Chazy". This is her on her 21st. I love this girl!! She was always a good time and her and I share a lot of good times together. She is absolutely wonderful and I don't think it is possible to not have fun when you are around her! She transferred from Iowa Western Community College the same year I transferred into BU.
My girl Tamara again. This is taken in the bathroom at Bourbon Street. At least that's what I think the name of it was then (that place had changed ownership and names 3 times in the 3 years that I lived in Omaha). We were out celebrating some birthdays with the basketball boys.
Stasha & Skim-BoNicole, Me, Julia, Stasha and Brody in the background. When I first went to Bellevue I didn't have anywhere to stay. Julia was kind enough to let me stay at her and Knabe's apartment. I slept on the couch and lived out of a couple of bags for awhile. It wasn't so bad because we were always on the go with volleyball and then Kim and I got a place when season was over. Julia was probably the nicest girl on our team! I don't know what I would have done if I wouldn't have been able to stay with her for awhile... Thanks, J!!!
Nicole and her beautiful sweater at a funky sweater party we went to one year!! I will have to see if I can dig up the group photo. My sister was living in Omaha at this time and we went shopping at the Goodwill for our sweaters. They were sweet!
Me and Katie at Pipeline. Kaida transferred from IWCC my second year. We rented a place, along with two other girls, in Bellevue. It was probably referred to as the volleyball house since all four of us were volleyball players and once in awhile there were small, controlled get togethers. Anyway...Kaida introduced me to boxed wine. Was not at all a fan at first but then when she cut it down "financially" the stuff started tasting better I am telling you! Never in our house did we not have a box of wine or Mr. & Mrs. T's Bloody Mary mix!!
One night in Jammers in Bellevue. Seriously, dive bar but it was so awesome. Made me think of back home - just a small bar where everyone knows everyone so when you walk in the first time you get a lot of stares!!! Nicole, Julia, Kaida and me.
Oh this crazy cat, Sarah. Words really can't describe her. Seriously. This was my first College World Series experience. It was GREAT!!! I believe we are at McFly's in this photo. Sarah transferred from Peru my second year. We rented a house in Omaha (along with my sister Em) owned by a guy that we called Homeboy Jeff for many reasons... Anyway - this chick was crazy and brutally honest and I loved it!!
Me & Kaida out one St. Patty's Day. Not sure where we are in this photo. I know we ended up downtown though.
This is at Sarah's wedding. Tamara, Chazy and JJ. Me, Kaida and Nico.
Sarah & Jared. Together - these two are destructive to people's self esteem!! (Unless they have a sense of humor. No. That doesn't help either.)
Tamara and me.
At a Bellevue baseball game. Kaida, Nico, J, Me and Capp.
Me & Oki!! She was one of our roommates at the house in Bellevue that was occupied by volleyball girls. She was a freshman my senior year. We had a lot of fun together and still do whenever we are able to meet up. Which will probably happen again at Cornhusker State Games.
Kaida and me at O'Briens.
Sarah & Tamara
Katie, Tamara and me last time I was able to make it up to Lincoln to visit.
Sarah & her baby Isabella
Nicole and her daughter Mia.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

MPCC 4 Life

I know I have been slacking on the posting and I really don't have an excuse other than I just haven't been posting. That's all. Anyway, here are some more pictures from my Mid-Plains days and there are a couple extra pictures just of my Mid-Plains friends that were taken after we graduated from MPCC. These pictures are really in no certain order at all either. I know that a lot of people have already seen these from my facebook page but these are for those of you (Nick, Lindsey, Dusti, Shawna, etc.) that don't have that and still want to enjoy the past memories! Some of the pictures have funky borders because I took them out of my scrapbook and scanned them, so that's the explanation for that.
Back - Sarah Roy, Lorie Morris. Front - Codina Oaklund, Lindsey Haag and me. This is on the "Knight Rider" before we took off to a volleyball match. Our second year I believe.
Sarah, Kelly, Lindsey, Kristen, Codina, Me, Amber and Brandi. "Chillin" outside at "the projects". My first year
Alex & Mandy at the end of the year. This was their second year and my first year.
Nick, Sarah & Nick in our dorm room towards the end of the year. Girls' first year and boys' second year.
Alex, me and Nick hanging out...
Nick, Alex and Torey - their second year - at the end of the year.
Me, Alex and Nick probably watching some "Jen-Jen" flick!
Pack & Sarah our first year
Cousins Sarah and Mandy
Our first year Lindsey & Roy
Not sure if this is our first or second year - but Lindsey & Codina
After we graduated - Roy, Lindsey, Coach OC and me.

Roy & Lindsey our second year.
Kimbrie, Megan and Lindsey. Their first year, our second year.
Dusti and Pack - her first year, his second.
Kelly and Codina at the end of the year. Kelly's first and Codina's second.
Megan, me and Kimbrie. Their second year, my third. Yes, you read that right. I graduated but I had another year of eligibility so I stayed to play.
Roy, Me, Lorie and Rachel. Roommates our first year!!!!
Me, Lindsey and Megan. Our second year, Meg's first.

Shawna and Dusti - their second year my third.
Heather, Jen, Shawna and me after a basketball game. Their second year my third.
One weekend after school got started we went to Kearney to see our friends that graduated from MPCC the year before. Me and Codina visiting Kristen (and others, they just weren't in the picture).
Jen & Kari over visiting us (Codina, Roy, Lindsey and me) one day after volleyball. Those three were my roommates the second year. 80A!!
Me, Shawna & Codina
This was after we had all graduated and back for Dusti's 21st birthday. Lindsey, Rachel, Me and Shawna. Celebrating in North Platte.
This was in Kearney after Shawna graduated from college. Roy, me & Codina
Kimbrie, Me, Jen & Megan on our way to the KState/Nebraska game. Their second year and my third.
In Kearney celebrating Shawna's 21st. Codina, Shawna, Nicole, Dusti and Me.
Still Shawna's 21st - Codina, Lindsey & Dusti.
Before we went out for Shawna's 21st (the pictures were posted backwards but what can you do?) Lindsey, Amanda and Dusti
ANOTHER "before we went out" pic - Lindsey, me and Dusti.
My third year (their second) volleyball photo at the end of the year. Front - Monica Brown, Megan Lashley, Jen Tines, Kari Brooks. Back - Amanda Kinney, me, Kimbrie Vlach and Sarah Holcomb. (All maiden names)
Me & Holcomb at her wedding...
Megan and Jesse (her husband)
Me, Kari and her husband Jerome.
Kimbrie & her husband Steve