Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Evan Visits the Farm

Evan was in town last weekend with Steven. He was taking Evan back to meet Janae on Monday and I asked if Steven would bring Evan to Haag's farm in Indianola. When they arrived to Haag's I could see little Evan sleeping in the seat. I opened the door and he woke up, a little groggy, and I asked him if he wanted to go to the farm - which he of course wanted to do. I was glad because I thought that maybe he would be a little crabby after waking up but he was not that at all!! So here are some pictures that we took of Evan at the farm. With each picture I will try to remember some of the funy things that Evan said at that point, or at least things that made me laugh!

This is Evan petting Dusty. We walked into the arena so that we could go to the side of the field to see the horses. When we walked into the arena Evan said, "There's no poop in here." He was right but it made me laugh that he actually noticed that! Bob was nice enough to get May and Babe all ready and take us on a hayrack ride. Here Evan is looking at the horses pulling the hayrack. At one point in the ride he saw some poop on the ground and asked how horses pooped - I don't know what his obsession with poop is but it was just funny that that was his first question about horses.

This is Bob asking Evan if he wanted to lead (is that the right word?) the horses and he said "no." I think he was a little scared! When we stopped back up the barn after one trip Bob asked Evan if he was done or if he wanted to go for another ride. Ean thought about if for a little minute and put his finger up and said, "Okay, one more ride!"

After we were done with our "one more time" hayrack ride Evan said to me "come get a picture of me petting a goat." So we went out to the goats so we could get a picture of him with them. It didn't work out as easily as I think he had in mind. (Note - Alex will seriously hurt me for this picture but I couldn't resist!!!)

Checking out the goat thinking this is going to be a lot of work.
Finally when Alex caught one Evan wasn't too sure if he really wanted to pet it or not.
Still a little unsure.
Enjoying it a little more - or maybe not!!
Then of course he was done with the goats and wanted me to take his picture with the cats. So here he is with the first "nice kitty".

Then with two nice kitties - well cats really.
Bob had some of the horses in the barn and he asked Evan if he wanted to ride (sit on) them. At first he didn't know if he wanted to or not but he eventually did. Here he is sitting on Katie.
Then he wanted to sit on Thunder.
Look at that smile!! Then he wanted to sit on May.
And then on Babe. He thought that this one was the biggest of all of them! I can't remember how the conversation got started but something to do with the horses kicking and Bob said "they better not I will kick their butts" and Evan, pointing his finger as to scold Bob, said "that's not very nice! They will kick your head off!" We all had a good laugh at that!

A quick shot of Aunt Mindy with Evan on "the biggest horse". When I was standing by him he told me "horses have big butts. Cats have small butts and goats have little butts." I said, "Yep you are right."
When Evan was finished sitting on every horse in the barn, he decided that they were hungry and he needed to feed them. Here is Alex helping him give them some food. Notice how Evan is pushing down Alex's left hand - Evan did not want to get that close to the horses and I think he was a little scared Alex was going to get even closer but he warmed up after a couple minutes.
Some of the cats have had some kittens so here Steven is handing Evan one to hold.
So excited to be holding the kitty!

Then he decided that the cats were hungry and told us that they really like hay - so he was feeding the cats hay!
Getting some more hay for the cats! He pretty much filled that dish with hay and dirt!
Steven told Evan that it was time to go and he started crying (who would really want to leave their Aunt Mindy?) so I took a picture of him all sad! We told him to say bye to the kitties and he did and then Steven was carrying him out to leave and he said, "I have to say bye to the bucket calf." So we took him back over to the bucket calf and he said bye. Then he had to say bye to all the horses in the barn and then finally had to say bye to the goats. I know it was a stalling tactic but it was still really cute!
Daddy, Evan and the horses. When asked what his favorite thing was he said, "The horses are my favorite, and the goats are my favorite and the cats are my favorite!"
Here he is all ready to go home. He has poop on his shoes and poop on the left leg of his pants. We have no idea how he got poop on himself because no one else had any on them. Well, Steven got some on him from Evan when he was putting him in the car. Anyway, of course he noticed the poop but wasn't too concerned. I guess that just goes to show that no matter how close you watch a kid they are still going to get into #&*%!!!