Friday, May 16, 2008

New Employee

Last week Mama Cat took a day off and spent some much needed time with her grandson. While I was slaving away at work she brought my nephew in to see me. By looking at the pictures you can tell he was much more interested in "work" than playing with me. I think it must run in his blood - Grandma, Dad and Aunt are all employed by the elevator but the other Aunt and Uncle have at one time been employed as well. I think it may be safe to say that he is already on his way...
Here he is inspecting the test weight and moisture machine, making sure it's all up to par.
Making sure everything in the front looks good.
I think it is all ready to go.
Grabbing the sample.
Pouring the milo in the machine to get tested.
Making sure all the grain goes in.
Looking at all the other samples of grain the elevator has taken in.
Break time.
Needing a little assistance.
Goofing off.
While Evan was at the elevator we did get to play a little - it wasn't all work!!

He is growing up so fast and I love that we get to see him as often as we do, although sometimes it seems like forever inbetween, but we really are blessed to see him as much as we do. He turned 4 in April and I know - it is so hard to believe that he is that old!! He is such a little cutie. And he's so smart! While he was at the elevator we had a sample of wheat on the counter and then a milo and a corn truck came. I was so impressed that he knew the difference between the three grains! Maybe that is normal for four year olds, or I was just a slow learner, but I was impressed! Okay, I am done bragging on him - for now anyway!!