Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"The Flood of May 2008"...

Okay, well I don't know if flood was the proper word to use but if you live back here in southwest Nebraska you know we had a lot of rain over the past weekend. Kathy called to tell Alex and me that if we were going to the farm to be careful because there was water over the road. Friday night we drove out to the farm and it didn't look that bad so we thought the water over the road Kathy was talking about was probably just a little bit in one spot. Needless to say we were wrong! The following are some pictures that we took on Saturday. Of course I didn't have my camera so these pictures were taken from my phone and I don't have as many because of memory but at least we were able to get enough to get a pretty good idea. I forgot all about going out on Monday and taking pictures of the same spots. By Sunday there no longer was water on the road and the fields off to the east and west didn't have water standing in them.

This is us heading south of Indianola towards the farm.
This is a picture of the hay feeder in the pasture along the river. It's just across the road from the farm to the north.
We drove out to the diversion dam and stood at the end and I took this picture. It really doesn't tell me much because I never saw what it looked like before the rain and I didn't go look at it on Monday. Anyway, I am sure there are some people that know what it looks like regularly that will appreciate this photo.
We are headed back into town now. This is a picture of the field off to the east all under water. There is a river that is not captured with this photo but it is off to the right (south) of this photo.

Driving through the water on the road.
This is a picture of the field on the west side of the road.
A picture of the road as we are headed back into town.
Alex and I went out to the cemetery north of town but took the highway road. As we were leaving the cemetery we saw this. We drove down towards it and took some pictures. I believe that this is Coon Creek and it is up over the road.
This is a picture of the ditch and the field north of the road from the picture above.
****So I was able to find two pictures from Monday night. Both of the pictures below are of us headed back into Indianola. As you can tell by the photos the water pretty much had vanished.