Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Big Post - Grab some popcorn!

My Cousin, Heather, got married in Plainview on August 16th. My mom and I left work early on Friday and drove to the Kearney area to pick up Evan. Here are a couple pictures that I took of him on our road trip to Leshara to Emily's house.
He loves saying "cheese"...
...and loves showing off the inside of his mouth. He seriously is fascinated with his mouth. He had the camera for awhile and all the pictures were blurry because he was trying to take pictures of his mouth!

I think he was afraid of Grandma Cathy's driving in this picture!!! HA HA
This is Saturday on our way to Battle Creek. We had a late night the night before so Emilia was trying to catch some shut eye and Evan was just pretending to sleep on her.
All sprawled out.
He knows I am taking pictures of him so he then started to pretend to snore.
Nothing but smiles!
Relaxing at our Grandpa Bob's before we have to get ready for the wedding.

Jumping on the bed.
Up close and personal.
Having fun with the aunts.
In your face.
This picture cracks me up!! Earlier before this picture I was pulling Evan across the carpeted floor and needless to say he then had a carpet burn. It wasn't until about 10 minutes later that it started to burn and then I wasn't his favorite Aunt anymore. In this picture I think Emily must have touched his belly and I captured the moment perfectly! After that I think I may have gained favorite status again!
This is his pose from The Lion King. Not sure if I remember that part but he does it often and it's always funny!
Evan taking a picture of Auntie Em before we go into the reception.
Mama Cat, Em and Me. Evan took this picture too and we are all ducking down because we didn't want him to cut our heads off in the photo. He did a good job though!
My cousin Heather and her husband Paolo cutting the cake. Heather's mom is Debbie, my mom's sister. Heather is Emily's age.
My Uncle Mike. My mom's oldest brother. Then it goes Debbie, Mom, Nancy and Steven.
Me and my cousin Justin. His mom is Nancy and he is also my mom's GodSon. He is one year older than me.
Evan took this picture of my Grandma Marj (my mom's mom) - his Great-Grandma.
Evan also took this picture of Aunt Nancy. Evan was a picture taking fool I tell you!
Debbie, Grandma, Nancy, Mom. This is a picture after the dollar dance.
Bride and Groom
The next morning before we left to take Emilia back to Leshara we stopped at my Grandma's house to see all her flowers and take some pictures. Here Evan did not really want his picture taken. I think he was still sleepy from the late night before!
Me, Grandma and Emily
Grandma and Mom
Now there are going to be a lot of pictures of the different flower beds that my Grandma has in her yard. She is a member of the National Iris Society and so a lot of the flowers she has are irises but she does have others and do not ask me to identify them because I simply can't!
Iris right by her door.
Flower bed in front of her house.
A side of the same flower bed.
Different view of the same flower bed.
Here are a couple rows of her irises. (Iris plural is a strange word...)

My grandma has name plates for all each iris. On the package they come with a name and she then puts it on a strip, on a plate and then into the ground by that particular iris. We found one that is Emily Anne (just like my sister's name, but without the E on Anne.)
Some plant that my sister said she planted at her house too. (I must have missed the green-hand bus.)

Another row of irises and some other plants.
Over by the barn some flowers and stuff. When we were younger I remember how there were just rows and rows of irises at Grandma's house. She still has a lot but not as many as she did back in the day. It was really hard to capture the whole thing in one picture so it's hard to get an idea but she has TONS of flower beds all over at her house!

This flower spot in my grandma's yard I thought was really neat.
This is a closer picture of the orange "flowers" that are in the bed. My mom told me that Grandma said these are poisonous. Not sure, but that's what she said.

A toadstool growing out of the log in the flower bed.

I thought these were neat.
Evan found a pear at the pear tree.
Checking them all out on the ground.
Grabbing some of the tree to give to Mom, Grandma, Emily and me.

The pear tree that has been there ever since my mom was little.
Then we found a butterfly and played with that for a while.
Grandma Marj, Mom and Evan
I love this picture. I think it's so cute! My mom and her mom walking off to visit.
After we were done visiting with Grandma Marj we went to Aunt Nancy's to see my Grandpa Bob before they took the melons to weigh. Evan told me that watermelon is his favorite (Grandpa was so proud!) so I took a picture with him in the truck with the melons.

On the John Deere first (Grandpa would be proud again!)
Climbing on another tractor.
Loving the melons some more.
Evan, Mom and Grandpa Bob before we are getting ready to leave.
My Aunt Nancy's patch of wildflowers.