Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's only been a couple months

It has been a long time I know! I have many pictures that need posting so hold on as I am going to try to get all my "events" posted, hopefully one post a day until I am caught up. (I said HOPEFULLY!!) Speaking of getting caught up - I moved into my own house (when I say "own house" I mean I rent a place sans roommates. I know - how big girl-ish of me!) in town towards the end of June and here are some before pictures. The landlord was up for me doing anything that I would like to the place (as long as I run it by him first, of course) so here are some pictures that we took before I did any work. The after pictures will come after I get caught up on posts.

This is sort of an after picture - in this one the walls are painted but the carpet isn't pulled up. I wanted everyone to see the lovely colored carpet that has probably been in this house since it was built.
This is a look of all my junk! No, seriously, look beyond the junk (well before the junk) and again you will see lovely colored carpet in the first bedroom.
This is the second bedroom with this other lovely colored carpet. I (when I say I, I mean Heidi, Tori, Tami and Jerry {which by the way BIG thanks!} helped tear all the carpet out of the two bedrooms, the living room and the dining room. In the rooms and living room there is really nice oak floors and then in the dining room there is a tile/linoleum floor type thing. It sort-of grows on a person after a while. Anyway - you will see those pics later.
Sorry to all the people who have the little dancing fat chefs in their kitchen. I am not so much a fan. There was a wallpaper border all the way around the kitchen and then on the cupboards. I gently removed them. Now there is nothing.
And this is the back porch where a washer and dryer will fit nicely. I plan on doing nothing to the back room at all - it's a back porch after all! Anyway, pictures of how the house is now will be on the way after bit!