Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Labor Day Weekend at the Cabin

For Labor Day Weekend Loren and Mom invited people out to the cabin at Red Willow Lake. We grilled out and had way too much food but it was all so good! A lot of people were able to attend and we had a great time! Sorry the for the ones that weren't able to make it - you missed out!!!

This is the side of the cabin (obviously). Underneath the deck there is a patio-like area and sliding doors that take you into the basement. That's where a majority of the following pictures take place.
This is in the basement showing the stairs that take you to the main floor. A little tricky one could say!Here Kenny is going to get started with the grilling.And here Loren and Brian watch as Kenny gets started on the grilling! Just kidding they helped, too!!!Okay, I take that back, maybe Brian and Kenny were the only ones to grill since in this picture Loren is hiding behind the grill. I still see you!!!!

Heidi, Matt, Brian and Heather

Me, Heather and Heidi. This may have been after we took our "hike" down to the water, we were in need of a sit-down-and-grab-something-cold-to-drink break.Our friends Matt and Daisy were able to attend and brought along the entertainment for the evening. As you will see in the following pictures the entertainment helped to keep the crowd from getting too out of control!!Gerry was the entertainment hog. Yes, and by entertainment I mean Trey. Every time I would look over to see who Trey had persuaded into holding him with those big blue eyes - Gerry always had him! It's hard to say no to those beautiful blue eyes and he was so well behaved!! (Trey, not Gerry!)
Brandon and Trey
MamaTrey and Alex Trey acting as if he's not too sure about this one
Still not too sureAnd there's the smile!!!I know that you can't see Jenene or Trey very will in this picture but for some reason I liked it so I put in on the blog.

These pictures capture a couple moments with the irrigation cap. Heather

Loren helping Mom
AlexLoren This picture makes me laugh because Loren looks like a grumpy old man!! HA HA

This is a picture of us the next morning after we ate breakfast.