Friday, February 13, 2009

Alex continued....

Sorry for the hold up, folks! Before the days of digital cameras I used disposable cameras. Basically because I was irresponsible and I knew I would either leave the camera somewhere or drop and break it so it was cheaper to buy the disposable camers. Never in a million years would I have ever wished I had them all on a CD or want to put them up on a blog. That turned out to be the dilemma. All the pictures I had ever taken I had cut and put into a scrapbook. I had to take those pictures out of the scrapbook and then have them scanned to a CD. After that, I had to save them to a flash drive (thanks, Heidi) and then upload them to blogger. Anyway - long process! You will notice that some of these pictures don't have straight edges and that's because they were in my scrapbook. Okay - anyway, let's finish meeting people!!
My first year of college and Alex's second at Mid-Plains.
Over to a friend's house visiting - same year. It's kind-of different seeing him without his glasses on; in college he mostly wore his contacts.
Doesn't he look really scared of me? Messing around over at the guys' dorm room which was just across the street from ours (girls' that is).
He may be laughing at me here in this picture. That happens once in awhile.
Alex and me at our friend Codina's wedding in 2004 I believe.
This was taken at Nick and Lindsey's when they lived in their apartment in Lincoln. I was living in Omaha and Alex was in Lincoln for something so I went there to see all of them. Love Alex representing the Knights. Yay yay!
Here is a picture of Lindsey and Alex at the dorms having a spoon fight. I can't even explain really! We had fights with cooking spoons (in this picture it's a wooden one) and it was between the girls and the guys. Not sure really how it got started but it did keep us entertained for awhile!