Friday, February 13, 2009

Dusti Hippen

This is my friend Dusti from Cody. She also graduated in 2001 like Shawna. Her and Shawna both were great to me my third year. I had wrecked my car and didn't have a mode of transportation. These two gave me rides to and from school, let me borrow their cars, anything. They were life savers! Anyway - Dusti and I have many memories together as well. Not only was she one of my roommates in North Platte but she also moved to Omaha and we lived together then as well. In April her dad does his branding in Cody and the next post I will be making will be of my first experience at a branding. That was so much fun that I don't think any other time will ever top it! It was quite the experience. Dusti also played basketball her first year at MPCC.
Okay, a story that I remember about Dusti and me. We were sitting outside some apartments picking up some friends. We are both on the phone and start to nudge each other, not even sure why - maybe we were talking loud over the other - who knows! Anyway, a little nudge turned into a little harder nudge, then a closed fist light tap and then we just starting whaling on each other and hung up on who we were taking to. I have no idea how it escalated to that point or why it did. We seriosuly wanted to get out of the car and beat each other up. Yeah, I have no idea and we still talk about that crazy night all the time. Good thing though, we resolved it that night and went out like nothing happened. It was just weird! Still makes us laugh when we tell the story though!
Dusti Hippen
My third year, Dusti and I decided that we would work at the Touchdown Club. I guess we just thought it would be fun. For the most part it was but there was also a lot of unwanted drama that went along with the job. I remember one time we went to work and it wasn't really that busy, yet. When we got to work and they didn't want you to clock in yet we had a table that you sat at until they wanted you to clock in. Okay, no big deal. Dusti and I sat down to wait because it wasn't busy. All of a sudden our manager/waitress boss came over and asked us to clock in. We both looked at each other like, really - there really isn't enough people yet for three servers. Okay, so we go and clock in and when we get back and she has two buckets of water and towels and tells us we need to dust all the pictures that are hanging up in the bar (if you have ever been there you know there are a TON of pictures) and make sure to wash down all the chairs in the place. Okay - just so no one takes this story the wrong way- we would have been glad to help do all this but not on a Saturday night before it's about to be busy. What would have been wrong with coming in early before we opened to do this - not while customers are there? We had customers that were in there asking us if we were in trouble and if the boss hated us. Finally, after much trash talking by Dusti and me, and our boss was done embarrassing us, we were able to quit. I just will never forget that night!
Probably getting ready to go out.
This was a time I came back from Omaha. Dusti was still living in North Platte and finishing up school. I am sure my brother Joseph also had a game and that's why I came back, too.
Dusti, Me and Shawna on her 21st in Kearney.