Monday, January 21, 2008

Evan Joseph

Friday night Grandma Cathy had a visitor over for the evening - EVAN! I went out to her house to eat and catch some shots of Evan so that I could post how cute he was so all could see!!! Anyway, he has this new thing going on where he makes a ridiculous face. I can't tell if he's constipated or trying to show the mean side of Evan. It was really funny because every time he would make the ridiculous pouty face he would run over to me and the camera and just start laughing and saying "Can I see?' Yes, he knew exactly what he was doing making those faces. He used to be such a ham in front of the camera, not that I didn't catch a couple of him hamming it up, but apparently he would much rather make the weird-o faces! Either way - they make me laugh looking at them!!

Maybe he is the puppy Frankie in this one...
(One time Evan grabbed my sandal in his mouth and started barking like a dog. When Mom and I asked him what he was doing he said his name was Frankie!)

Pretending to be Grumpy Evan

Told you - he really knows how to ham it up when he wants to!

Some day he will hate me for this picture!!! I just so happend to be able to snap a shot of him as he was coming out of the bathroom, and with a grin on his face to top it off!!

I believe in this picture he was showing Aunt Mindy how he dances.

If this isn't a mischievous look then I don't know what is.

This and the following pictures where while we were eating. He started out not wanting to eat because he was having so much fun crashing his cars into the kitchen door. Apparently that is a fun game but he doesn't let anyone else play because they 'don't know how to do it right.'

I think this is where he started getting bored with eating.

Now the race is on - he wanted to race Ryan while we were eating to see who could get done first.

Shoveling it in...

Almost finished

After everyone was finished eating and had left, Evan crawled up to the bar and found a package of peanuts in Grandma's purse and really wanted to eat them. Grandma remembered that she had made strawberry cheesecake and asked Evan if he would like to have some dessert. At first he put on the pouty face and I told him Evan, those are strawberries on there. He then looked at Mom and without even trying a piece says "Oh Grandma Cathy thank-you, I love it!" It was absolutely hilarious!

On Saturday we took Evan to McCook so that he could stay with Steven for the night. This is him pretending he doesn't like the camera.

Evan in Wal-Mart in Gma Cathy's cart.

Hamming it up because he was so happy Grandma Cathy found some body soap!

Evan and Daddy giving the thumbs up
Evan cheesin' with Aunt Mindy

You can be the judges on this picture. Is Evan really excited to be taking a picture with Grandma Cathy or is he terrified? :)