Monday, January 14, 2008


Just a couple pictures to add for Sunday since I did so many for 'Fun on the Farm'. On Sunday Alex and I (when I say that, I mean Alex) saddled up Thunder and Katie and we took them over to Slappy's. Slappy needed some help getting his cattle moved so Alex and I helped - Alex helped I pretty much just went along to ride the horse. We drove the cattle (for those of you that aren't as smart as me [ha ha ha] that means we just followed behind the cows on the horses while they followed a pickup with a haybale) for about 4 miles. We did manage to lose four - they veered off the road and went into some pretty tall weeds and ended up jumping a fence. So they aren't lost in the sense we don't know where they went - just lost meaning they didn't make it with us to the final destination. Anyway - when we got to the destination then we loaded them up on the trailers to take them to Slappy's where they will calve. Today I am a little sore for riding that long, since I don't do it that often - but it was still a pretty good time - cold towards the end - but fun.

It's hard to see in this picture, but on our way home from Slappy's, Alex spotted a Bald Eagle out in the field. It flew up and landed in this tree. If you look pretty much straight on in the picture, to the left a little on that bottom branch - you can see some white, that is the Bald Eagle's head. I tried to get a picture of him eating whatever was dead in the field but he flew up too fast.

The fun of hauling cattle in a trailer! No matter if you haul them 5 miles or 50 miles - the amount of poo always seems to be the same.
Getting all the poo!!!