Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Heidi!

As most of you know - because you were there - Heidi Ho celebrated her birthday the only way us Palisade people know how - Down at the Legion!!! I don't need to go into too much detail about the evening because I think the pictures tell the story pretty well! Happy Bday Heidi and it was so good to see everyone else!

Heidi and her brothers David and Joseph

The infamous birthday glass

Heidi + Me + Heather = Dangerous
Wait, maybe this crowd is more dangerous - Amy, Rodney, Heidi and Heather!

Me and Tori Rae
(Heidi's daughter for those of you that haven't been keeping up!)

So glad that Amy and Dave could come from Grand Island to help celebrate Heidi's birthday with all of us! It was GRRRReat seeing you guys again!
These two are the newest addition to the Palisade community - Russel & Karla.
I am sure they ask themselves often - What did we get ourselves into by moving here?
Look at how pretty Mama Cat is!!!!!
Terra and some bug-eyed guy. I think it sort-of resembles her husband Heath...
Me and the Dave - Two cool people right here!!!
The Dudes
Russel and Sarah
Reid & me
Jess, Lisa and Karla just chillin'
I know this picture isn't very clear but I still like it
and it's my blog so I can do whatever I want!
I also might be six again!
Brian and me
Amy & Heidi
I think this is the point where things may have turned a little crazy. I don't know though I could be way wrong, but I doubt it!
Lisa and Dave - This picture cracks me up. I can't help but to laugh at it every time I see it! It's great fun!

It's her Birthday!

Me and Joseph

I don't know what happened in the next two pictures. Sarah and Amy apparently were having a good time!!! Don't worry - after a couple days of embarrassment I may take them down!

Either Dave just saw something that he wishes he didn't or he is just upset because his glass appears to be empty - Oh wait - it's not - there's water in there!!!

Dave turned 30 again!

Brain? What the heck?

Karla looks good, me on the other hand, not so good!

I wouldn't mess with her!

Fun! Fun! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

Heather pinning Rodney. Told you I wouldn't mess with her!
Not that it was necessary or anything but I guess no one was ready to go home quite yet so a group of people went over to a house afterwards and the following are the photos.

The two photos following of Lisa and I - we couldn't decide which earrings we liked best so we decided to wear both of them. We are genuises I tell you - just brilliant!

'You know what I am saying?'

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Oh, wait.....??

"I love tree"

This picture cracks me up! I have no idea how I managed to get a picture of what appears to be Brian hugging the Christmas tree and talking to it. Maybe he was confused....