Monday, January 14, 2008

Fun on the Farm

Saturday there were some goats for sale at an auction. Haag's have some goats out to their place thanks to Ira, so Bob hooked up the trailer to go buy himself a Billy goat for his Nannies. He left about 10 that morning and Alex and I just had to get pictures of him hooking up his trailer to head out to buy some goats. Enjoy!

This is what we like to call 'The Rigg' - notice how nicely everything matches!!

This is Bob hooking up the trailer tail lights.

And again....

Now it is later on in the afternoon and Alex and I have decided that we are going to go out to the farm right outside of Indianola and trim the horses feet. Of course I didn't help in the 'trimming' but I did manage to take some pictures of the animals they have running around out there.

The farm isn't like what you would think when I say 'farm' in southwest Nebraska. It is a farm in the sense that it is located out of city limits. There are some acres that are also included in the farm but farming is not their full-time job. It is recreational - at least that is what I call it but they might have a few other choice words to use instead of recreational!!!

My friends have asked me what we do when we go out to the farm and although these pictures really don't show you what I do out there, I just thought it would be fun to show you what's all out there at the farm. Actually - these pictures do show you what I do - nothing!!!

Alex made me wear this attire - he said it made me more cowboy. I don't get it but I gave it a big thumbs up!!!

Alex showing me how all the cool kids are wearing their jeans/boots nowadays!

Here starts the pictures of the 'critters' around the farm. Yes that is a cat and yes s/he (I didn't check which) is chowing down on some corn.

I swear they have cat food but apparently the corn is that good!

This is a picture of Thunder. The picture looks this way because I think he was kicking up some dirt when he first stepped around. He is the first horse that gets to go through the torture of getting his feet trimmed - actually I don't think it is that torturous, just uncomfortable for them. (I think that's what Alex said!!)

A full body view of Thunder. Alex uses this horse when he ropes. Lately he has been using him to head but I am pretty sure he also has been used to heal.

Getting down and dirty with Thunder!

Scraping the 'stuff' out of his feet?? Not sure if feet is the proper word or hoof. Not sure, but I know 'stuff' definitely is the proper word!!

I had a picture of him clipping Thunder but I must have deleted it. Anyway, he clips then does what I call 'files the nail' but don't go repeating that to someone who knows because then you will look like an idiot. There is real terminology but I forgot it already!!

This is Katie. Her turn next.

Full view of Katie. Alex has been taking her to rope as well. I think I have only seen her be used as a healing horse. She wasn't as cooperative with Alex on the trimming of the 'feet' as Thunder was because as I was walking around taking the following pictures I could hear him yelling at her in the barn. Priceless!!
These are the colts - Colonel and Captain.

Colonel is the one in front and Captain is behind.

These are the draft horses - May, Babe, Ruby and Rose.

These two are May and Babe.

Again, May and Babe, but I couldn't tell you which is which - I think May is on the left. 50-50 chance of being right on this one!!!

Here is Ruby and Rose. This team of horses actually belong to Alex.

Here they are eating. I am almost certain that Ruby is on the left - 50% certain!

This little guy here is Dusty. Bob bought this horse for Dylan (grandson) to ride.

Dusty - up close and personal!

This is Buffy - with Dusty hot on her heals! This is the only picture I got of Buffy because she was sort-of being camera shy!

This is Buck. He is a pretty old horse but Alex still uses him to head. He still is a good horse for roping - takes off pretty fast. (No, I don't know that for sure, but that's what I have heard! I don't rope!!)

Action shot of Buck!!!

Alex riding Katie bareback.

Alex being mean to the kitty.

Alex loving the kitty.

Me chillin' with Colonel and Captain. (Man, my outfit gets better looking each time I see it!!)

Colonel giving Alex kisses.

The rooster!!! I was looking for him all afternoon and couldn't find him anywhere. Finally, when I was about to give up - out he came!!

Yeah, Bob & Alex do have some cows so I had to take a picture of them. I sure hope everyone has seen at least one in their lifetime, if not - get out more!!!

So, now Bob is back with the Billy!! Eveyone is so excited - well I don't know about everyone but I think the Nannies were....

Here is the new Billy in the trailer.

Bob also got three Nannies along with this Billy.

The goats patiently awaiting the arrival of their new mate!!

Maybe not patiently awaiting.....

Trying to sneak a peak....

The big arrival.

Not sure what to think.

Everyone 'sniffing' him out.

Look at that big fella'!!

Bob giving them some grain.

Bob got Rose and Ruby all ready to go take hay over to the cows. He hooks them up on the hayrack and the horses pull it over to the stalks so we can drop of some hay. Actually I think it's cane - same difference, right?!

"Watch out, they come at you fast!"

Rose and Ruby hooked up to the hayrack.

'Rear view'

Over at the stalks. Alex is such a good helper!

Alex posing for the camera.

Alex actually might be helping a little in this shot.

Cows eating - fascinating I know!

This 'lil guy isn't really supposed to be over in the stalks I don't think. We took his picture because he's got some cockleburs or something all over him. Interesting......

End of the day, time to go home.