Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Eggs & Tie-dye

Saturday before Easter we dyed Easter eggs. Below are the pictures I took while we dyed eggs.
Here is Aunt Lindsey helping Dylan with his first egg. He picked green first because that is his favorite color.

Taking a peak to see if its green enough!
Uncle Alex helping Ally with her first egg.
Dylan showing his pretty green egg.
Ally and the Easter bunny ears.
Dylan is making a marbled egg. You had to put on a glove and then put the color out of a packet on the egg and you just rolled the egg around in your hand to make the egg look marbled. The egg was too big for Dylan's hand and it made it hard for him to not want to touch it with his other hand. We had to give him another glove for the other hand which made it much easier!

Ally getting to play with the dye all by herself.

Uncle Alex encouraging Ally to play in the dye
Messy hand!

Realizing that her hand is discolored!
Oops, Unlce Alex let her get dye on her pants! Good thing Grandma was there and was able to get the stain out!
Dylan showing off his pretty egg that he wrote his name on.
Showing off the egg I made.
All of the eggs that were dyed.

After we dyed eggs Alex didn't think we should let the dye go to waste so he wanted to tie-dye an old under shirt. It first started out going to be just a quick little project but Lindsey and I turned it into a bigger production than I think Alex wanted. Here is a picture of the whole white shirt dyed yellow to start with.
After it was all dyed yellow we stuck the ends in the other colors.
We wanted Alex to try the shirt on for us but this was as close as we could get.
The front
The back

Easter with Evan

Evan came back for the weekend but we were only able to see him on Thursday so we did our Easter with him then and Friday morning. Mom and I gave him Easter baskets Friday morning but I didn't get any pictures of that. Thursday night Mom, Evan and I went to McCook to meet with Steven and ate at Mac's (yum). Here are just a couple pictures I was able to snap.
Here we are in Wal-Mart and I thought that I would be able to give him a piggy back ride but I didn't even make it one isle. He is getting so big and I am getting weaker!!!
Here they are in the car before Steven was going home.
What a cutie!!
Playing with a ball he got from Wal-Mart.

Giving Up

I can't figure out how to keep the comments and my side bar with my pictures and links to other blogs. It's either people are allowed to leave comments OR the links and my pictures stay on the side bar. That's right, I decided to keep the pictures and the links. I think it has something to do with a classic template or something - anyway I feel as though I have exhausted too much time trying to figure out how to keep them both and have decided to give up on the comments. I am sorry for that but if you want to leave a comment feel free to email me and I will reply back. Maybe some day soon I will fill up on patience again and try to have comments but right now I am too annoyed and don't want to deal with it any more!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Real Quick

No, I do not like this layout but it's the only one I could find where the comments show up. Who knows if the comments actually work but that is another task for another day. I am exhausted and the web is not my friend today. Anyway - no comments about how bad the layout is - okay!? I am trying here!

Trey Matthew Tiller

Our friends Matt and Daisy had their first child and he is a Leap Year Baby (so obviously I don't need to mention that he was born on February 29th)! Alex and I stopped by to see them on Sunday and they all are doing so well. He is so cute!! I am not sure how long we were there but he didn't fuss once - such a good little boy! Here are some pictures for everyone to see cute little Trey. Congratulations Matt and Daisy!!!!!

March 15th Farm Fun

On Saturday Alex and I got up bright and early to head out to the farm to finish with the "sucker rod." Yep, you guessed it, by the time we got out there we should have turned around and went back in for lunch! Despite the "late start" we still accomplished a little of what we wanted to get done. The next three pictures are of Colonel and Captain letting loose in the arena. We had to put them out there so we could finish up with the "sucker rod."
Captain is the one in the lead.
Rounding the corner.
This picture looks like they are charging at each other but they really aren't.
Yes, Alex did catch me taking a break!
Bob has Dusty ready to drag some tires.
Dusty on the move.
He is finished.
Riding bareback!!!
Look at that form!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Before we went to Ptown

On Saturday March, 8th I went to Alex's. We first went to Holbrook for a sale and then when we were getting ready to leave we decided that we should hang some "sucker rod" at the farm since it was such a nice day. Seriously - don't know if it's hang or put up - both words sort-of have the same meaning to me. "Sucker rod" not sure if that's the technical word or that's what people call it because it's so heavy. You know like what you would say to a preson that just got fooled - Awww Sucker! Anyway, the stuff is heavy!! I believe Alex said it's what they use in the oil fields and it is solid iron/steel/metal (whatever). I think all of you are starting to understand how well I listen!
Actually we got started fixing some panels but the drill needed to be charged so we moved on to the "sucker rods".
Of course we had to get some pictures of the horses. This is Alex with his pair of draft horses and the one on the left is Rose and then one on the right is Ruby. We were "hanging/putting up" the "sucker rod" in the "area" where the "horses" stay. (Enough quotes yet?!)
This is Buffy and she definitely is prego now!!!
Just a shot of of the horses watching Alex. Finally, after Alex and I were done messing with the horses we decided that we better get busy. We had to put the top two "rows" (?) up. Alex and I started this project I believe last summer and we chose the hottest day in history to do it - it was seriously like 110 degrees outside! I honestly don't even think we spent an hour outside then, but this time the weather was so nice we really got a lot accomplished. My job was to hold the heavy... stuff - for lack of a better word - and he would then hammer in the nails on the C-thingies that held up the rod.
Here is one corner finished
If you look to the left of this picture on the bottom "rows" you will see two silver shiny parts that are larger than the rest of the rod. That is where you have to screw each piece together. Each rod is about 30 - 35 feet long so Alex had to screw them together before we hung it - which made it really heavy. This is another view of the "fence" that we completed. Hope you all enjoyed your education about "sucker rod"!

Time to do chores - loading a hay bale on the "hay bale mover" (?)!!
Securing it down!
One of the cows got a little excited while we were feeding them and ran into the pickup and cracked the taillight - of course I had to take a picture of it! Why wouldn't I - I take random picures all the time!!!

Grandpa Bob in Ptown

A couple weeks ago my Grandpa Bob, my mom's dad, came from Norfolk to visit us. We all went to the fish fry on Friday night and then my mom cooked us a great meal Saturday night. Emily also surprised us and came home from a little town outside of Omaha. No one would know the name if I mentioned it so we will just say Omaha.
Emily (Emilia), Joseph (Broseph), Grandpa, Me (in farm clothes and I must say they are NOT flattering) and Steven (Steve-O). The names in the parentheses are the names I call them they are not their real names!! Glad that's cleared up!
Mom and Grandpa
This picture is for Emilia. For as long as I have known Alex, Emilia swears she has only met him once - if that. She thought I was crazy (crazier than I already am) and thought I made him up. Now she has met him and I think she feels a lot better knowing that I don't have an "imaginary friend" that I "go to the farm with."